Programa Si! Healthy fruit rainbows

We definitely bet on healthy habits education. We are pilot school for SI! Programme Total Health, by SHE Foundation. This is a school educacional programme for the promotion of health, aimed at children between 3 and 16 years, focus on 4 basic interrelated components: the acquisition of healthy eating habits, the development of physical activity, an understanding of the body and heart, and the management of emotions, as a protection factor against addictions.

We use to carry out healthy cooking sessions at the school, as part of this programme. Currently, we have to propose this activity at home. This fruit salad recipe that our first graders have made at home, couldn’t be simpler. Kids simply clean and chop their favourite fruits and then whip up a simple fruit juice “dressing” if they want to. We think these colouring salads are amazing, because we know that eating a rainbow of fruits and vegetables is essential to getting all of the different vitamins, antioxidants and phytochemicals we need in our diet. Those different colors represent different health benefits that each fruit provides.