El aula en casa | Bilingual Education Project

Our second and third primary school students have carried out some projects from home and have made oral presentations online.

English speaking activities are a key aspect on our Bilingual Educational Project. They are designed to provoke “speaking-as-a-skill”, where there is a purpose for talking which is not just linguistic.

There are three main reasons for getting students to speak in the classroom. Firstly, speaking activities provide rehearsal opportunities–chances to practise real-life speaking in the safety of the classroom. Secondly, speaking tasks in which students try to use any or all of the language they know, provide feedback for both teacher and students. Everyone can see how well they are doing: both how successful they are and also what language problems they are experiencing.

And finally, the more students have opportunities to activate the various elements of language they have stored in their brains, the more automatic their use of these elements become. As a result, students gradually become autonomous language users. This means that they will be able to use words and phrases fluently without very much conscious thought.